Sunday, August 29, 2010

hey guys i love writting reviews about movies

im pretty good with expressing my feelings about any movie and iv seen just about every movie out there give me a name and ill write about it and tell u if its worth your time watching

ok she shut up

ya she finally shut up after about twenty mins hahaa

so my girlfriend wont stop crying

yup just tell her to shut it or what? idk hahaha


why the heck is the zune so gay? seriously how many things do i have to download just to put music on it i think im just going to throw it out the window and buy a cheap little one that will do what i want it to do amen sister!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jersey shore

well recently iv been watching alot of Jersey  shore why? idk i guess i like watching  ppl do stupid things and fight over nothing its rathering intertaining. but then i look at the clock and go o crap did i really just sit here for that long and waste my time o well move on to something else  like eh video games or swimming yes swimming lots of it

Friday, August 27, 2010

what a beautiful jazz life

jazz jazz jazz what else is there to say about it inspiring maybe? creative? beautiful?or just all around greatness. millions of people listen to this music all over the world it brings so much emotion into your body u almost want to get up and dance while listening to it.The way the music is played has so much art in it,thee practice, the dedication,the confusion,no one can ever master the art of jazz there is just to much to go around.Once you practice and learn a song it feels so great to have it under your fingers the knowledge of having it and being able to play it for an audience the laughter and clapping what a great experience to stand and watch everyone understand what you have just played.The music to your ears of just wanting more.