Friday, August 27, 2010

what a beautiful jazz life

jazz jazz jazz what else is there to say about it inspiring maybe? creative? beautiful?or just all around greatness. millions of people listen to this music all over the world it brings so much emotion into your body u almost want to get up and dance while listening to it.The way the music is played has so much art in it,thee practice, the dedication,the confusion,no one can ever master the art of jazz there is just to much to go around.Once you practice and learn a song it feels so great to have it under your fingers the knowledge of having it and being able to play it for an audience the laughter and clapping what a great experience to stand and watch everyone understand what you have just played.The music to your ears of just wanting more.


  1. following you, return the favour please :)

  2. Absolutely loving the background for your blog! Fits the whole Jazz theme perfectly!